We’ve been around for over 50 years & know the ‘ins & outs’ of the the HVAC business.


We are a safety first company & take pride in our compliance with regulations. We respect the owners home and property by protecting carpets and making every effort not to damage any landscaping.


We diagnose your HVAC issue & quickly provide the custom solutions necessary for your system.


Almost all of our business stems from word of mouth. We continue to grow partly due to our friendly service.

Fairly Priced

We value our customers, their systems & most importantly their pocket books.


Our goal is to create a relationship for years to come, making Snodgrass your ‘go-to’ solution for all your air conditioning and heating needs.


“This company is very honest. Had them out to look at my furnace. Good price to replace a motor. Did the repair and did not try to sell me on stuff I didn’t need. Will definitely call again. Great Work!”

− Greg Ross

“The technician at Snodgrass checked out and tuned up my furnace, replaced the filter, checked for CO leaks, set humidifier for winter use and explained to me how it works. I was very pleased. He was very professional and cleaned up before leaving. Another company I hired last year couldn’t figure out the humidifier so it had not been used during my first winter in the house.”

− Jeff Gemmell

“EXCELLENT CHOICE.. I just recently replaced my evaporative cooler with refrigerated air/ heat combo unit. My wife and I took our time finding the right company to perform this task, and after we received five different bids, we chose the right company. Snodgrass was an excellent choice! Thanks again!”

− Mark Levin


Preventative Maintenance

A great way to save yourself time, huge headaches & money is to let us maintain your systems throughout the year.

All Brands

We service all brands. Every make and model; if it heats or cools, we’ll figure out how to fix it & or maintain it.

Free System Estimates

Thinking of investing in a new system? Give us a call, we’ll provide a free estimate with no obligation.

Carry & Deliver A/C Filters

Don’t run around trying to find the right filters for your system. Give us a call & we’ll take care of it.


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